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Prior knowledge and experience of dyeing hair is required, we recommend taking help from a friend.

  1. Cleanse your hair with Color Reboot or detox shampoo.
  2. Mix 7 and 7.12 with equal parts Activator 5 Vol and 20 vol, apply to the roots.
  3. Pick out narrow strands around the hair and apply 5.1 with Activator 5 Vol, put plastic wrap around each colored strand so they don't merge with the rest of the hair.
  4. Pick out a wider strand at the front and wider strands in the hair where bleaching is applied (fair hair can only be wrapped in plastic wrap and not bleached).
  5. Apply the same color as the bottom (7 and 7.12) to the lengths that do not have plastic foil.
  6. Leave for 20 minutes then wash out.
  7. Apply White, clear and Activator 5 Vol to the entire hair.
  8. Leave for 20 minutes then wash out.