Hair Color



  • Color-changing treatments, chemical and organic herbal dyes. What is the difference?
Training in different color techniques as well as different loop methods, Air Touch and Balayage etc.
  • Chemistry
  • Product knowledge
  • Hair wash, head massage
  • Set-up / evening / party / installation
  • Customer service / psychology
  • Work environment / ergonomics
  • Design, styling, blow molding and inlays
  • Color analysis style and shape
  • Salon knowledge
  • Work environment / Ergonomics
  • Customer service / psychology / Sales
Student package with all your tools such as hairdresser and head for practice included. This is a block of a total of six in the long training is aimed at you who just want to work creatively with color, or are a stylist or want to go the whole training block by block. This training gives you the opportunity to get closer to your hairdressing career and start working directly at a salon with only color. To take your ”gäsäll”, all 6 blocks are required. Cost and finances SEK 39,000 incl. all educational materials and student packages Possibility of partial payment Read more on our website Place of education: Stockholm

With Nina Holmgren who specializes in color and product development of color and who is a master of in-demand color and freehand techniques, your time with us at October Hair Education will be very exciting!

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