Hair Cutting


In this course we thoroughly go through terminology and Pivot Point as well as Vidal Sasson cutting techniques.
  • Styling and set-up, blow molding
  • Eyebrow dyeing and shaping as well as eyelash dyeing
  • Hair washing, scalp massage and hair biology
  • Work environment and ergonomics
  • Product and tool theory
  • Customer service / psychology
  • Salon knowledge
The course is 4 weeks Tools + exercise head included Final certification is done on the customer This is the first block of a total of six in the long education. It is aimed at those who just want to cut and not work with color or other chemistry, or want to go the whole training block by block. This training gives you the opportunity to get closer to your hairdressing career and start working directly at a salon with haircuts. To take your companion, all 6 blocks are required.
SEK 39,000 incl. all educational materials and student packages Possibility of partial payment Read more on our website Place of education: Stockholm
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