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Vi som arbetar hos October står för fyra kärnvärden: kvalitet, kreativitet, kunskap och service. I våra salonger arbetar vi med 100 % vegansk hårfärg. Hårfärgen ger ditt hår glans och lyster med fin och lång hållbarhet.

Hudiksvall Storgatan 29

Welcome to October Stockholm and our salon at Storgatan 29 in Hudiksvall where time and attention are solely on you, dear customer.

In a pleasantly luxurious and beautiful environment, you will be looked after by one of our incredible hairdressers who will help you with everything - maybe you are on your way to your wedding or New Year's party or a new exciting date or just want to enjoy and relax for a while? – regardless, you will walk out the door with a smile.

Du hittar vår salong på Storgatan 29, telefonnummer 0650-14000