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“Be Different! Do Good!” is the value of our business. October Stockholm was founded by the hairdresser and make-up artist Nina Holmgren with the purpose to bring out the power and beauty in us - and at the same time contribute to charity. We believe that humans are different and real. People that believe in themselves and do not want to look like everyone else. People that go their own way in life with confidence, joy and strength. October Stockholm embraces all unique characteristics and is proud of it.

For every product sold October Stockholm donates 1 kr to the breast cancer association - all year round.

Our “Be Different! Do good!” goes through all our business. We always travel climate-smart to our customers, fairs and event and always strive for a minimal climate footprint on our planet. We do our best to protect our future generations with a focus on ecological and economic sustainability and encourage our suppliers, partners and customers to do the same. Do you want to be a part of it?