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Many people want to get that perfect blonde hair colour but don't always have the time or money to go to the hairdresser as often as it takes to maintain the blonde shade. We want to make it easier for you to achieve salon coloured hair at home. That's why we've launched two brand new products to help you with just that! In this blog post, we answer common questions about our products and give you good advice on how to succeed with your bleaching.


Before bleaching your hair at home, it is important that you restore your hair. Restoring your hair means cleaning the hair of impurities, metals and chemicals stuck in the hair due to external circumstances from air and water. Our product Colour Reboot is a gentle decolorization that suits all hair colours and brightens coloured hair up to two shades. If you plan to bleach your hair, this is a perfect product that contributes to a more gentle bleaching process.


Colour Reboot comes as a powder and is mixed with 180 ml of water. Mix water and powder in a plastic bowl and apply to the hair and leave on for up to 45 minutes with a plastic cap and heat from a hair dryer. This product is a good base for those who want to lighten the hair and maintain the quality of the hair before bleaching.

If you are a user of silver products, then you should do a cleansing with Colour Reboot before toning, bleaching or colouring. The reason is that there may be pigments left in the hair that can be activated by the hydrogen peroxide. This can produce a darker or grey result. This applies not only to our hair dyes, but to all hair dyes on the market.


It is not always easy to know how to bleach your hair at home. An important rule is that colour can never lighten colour, because the pigments add to the hair colour and can cause a darker shade. To get a blonde shade, you need to bleach your hair. A bleaching picks out its own pigments or chemically coloured pigments, remember that it takes more than one treatment to go from a dark blonde to a blonde result.

Our product True Blond Plex is a professional bleaching powder that is mixed with our Activator 5 vol or 20 vol, for possible lightening of natural hair up to nine steps. The bleaching contains Plex which helps to protect the hair during the treatment. The product contains blue pigments which reduce yellow tones caused from previous bleaching processes. Remember that bleaching is a lightening of the hair and does not contain pigments, therefore you should supplement with a toning to achieve the desired shade/tone. If you are unsure about which shade you should choose, our Online Support is always available to help you.


Before you start your bleaching, you should do a cleansing with our product Colour Reboot to clean the hair of impurities, metals and chemicals to achieve the best results with your bleaching. True Blond Plex is a powder which is mixed with Activator 5 vol or 20 vol. It is easier and gentler to achieve a nice blonde colour by using a lower hydrogen peroxide and letting it stay for a longer time.

The mixture should not stay in your hair longer than 20-40 minutes after application, check every five to ten minutes to know exactly when to wash out the bleaching. We do not recommend more than two applications at the same time as the hair needs to rest between treatments to avoid damage. If the bleaching works for longer than 45 minutes at one time, it breaks into the middle of the hair and can destroy your hair. Use the product with caution. Do not use extra heat, such as a hair dryer or similar. If you add heat or too much hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching can cause damage to your hair.

Carefully read the information on the packaging or on our product page before starting your bleaching, as it can cause damage to your skin and hair if used incorrectly.


If you think it feels difficult or complicated to know which hair colour to buy, how to mix it correctly or something entirely else, you are welcome to contact our support. We are available on Instagram, Facebook, the website and by phone (010-350 100). We are open between 09-20 on weekdays, we promise to respond within 24 hours during weekends and public holidays.