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True Colour has different 2 activators to reach the best result:

5 vol. For toning
20 vol. For permanent colour and grey hair coverage

Root colour: Mix desired amount in a plastic bowl with a brush, you need about 50 ml colour mass for roots and half a bottle activator. When you are finished close the tube and bottle for re-use. Open bottle/ tube has 12 months of durability.

With True Colours 41 different tones you have unlimited colour combinations and you can easily make your own colour by mixing different tones.

Do you need help? - Call our free hair support for help to reach salon hair at home, or scan the QR-code to get to our website with more information, and instructions. Colour wheel and instructing videos when you colour your hair - everything about how you use our hair colour.

True Colour from October Stockholm contains 100 ml hairclour (colour mass) and 150 ml activator (toner or permanent).

IMPORTANT! - You need a plastic bowl and brush to mix and applicate the colour and a scale for mesuring the correct amount.
If you do not have it - We recommend our October Stockholm hair colour kit - a practical toiletry bag with tools for an easy application (plastic bowl, brush, comb and 2 hair clips).

Sustainability and the environment are important to us! - Help us through re-use of our hair colour every time.

100% vegan products do not contain animal ingredients, animal bi-products or other animal ingredients including bee wax and honey.