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Bleach hair naturally with lemon

Lemon in the sun is not as good a home trick as it may sound. Bleaching your hair at home with lemon juice and then being in the sun is not a good idea. It's classified as a natural way to bleach your hair, but just because it's natural doesn't mean it's gentle. The damage they leave on the hair often results in a more expensive story once you get to the hairdresser for a treatment. 

  • Your hair is getting thinner! The lemon's low pH value (2), results in thinner and less full hair as they tighten the hair shaft and leave the hair flat. 
  • Your color is affected! When the hair is dyed, the hair shaft is opened up so that the pigment can take hold in the scale layer and then closed again. The lemon's low pH value means that the hair is sealed and has a harder time opening up when you have to dye it. Therefore, it is important to do proper cleaning of the hair at your hairdresser before applying color. 
  • It dries out the hair, the sun wears on the hair even without lemon, adding lemon makes the hair even more sensitive to the rays, this is the reason why it bleaches naturally. The color is affected and essential oils are reduced from the hair, giving a result that can resemble dandruff. 


Yes, it's great when you can finally sunbathe and swim in Sweden! Important to think about is to try to protect the hair against both the sun and water. UV rays, salt water and chlorine break down the hair and reduce the hair's natural moisture level, leaving you with dry and brittle hair. An unwanted green tint in your blonde hair can appear after a lot of swimming in the pool. The pool water leaves deposits, lime and minerals in the hair that must be cleaned at your hairdresser's before starting a new treatment.


A blonde shade can have both a golden or white tone. Many people want to maintain their cold/ashy tone they have after their visit to the hairdresser.

A lot of bathing and the sun's rays unfortunately often have the opposite effect and bring out the golden/yellow shades again. This can be remedied in various ways, such as silver shampoo or toning. Which is most effective and gentle on the hair? We will help sort out the pros and cons between the 2 different treatments.


Have you experienced that silver shampoo works the trick a few times and then gives the opposite effect with yellow, blue or violet elements? A shampoo is created to open the scales on the hair shaft to clean. In doing so, you wash out the pigments you previously had in your hair, it is then common for the yellow pigments underneath to emerge. A silver shampoo is also extremely drying to your hair. If the hair is dry and porous, which silver shampoo easily becomes, they attract the blue purple pigments to the hair shaft, leaving gray/blue shifts. 


A toning or tinting is used to change the tone of your blonde hair, maybe they are warmer/yellower than you wish? Then a cool toning/shade can be used to neutralize the hair and give it a cooler shade. Our toning True Color opens the cuticle layer of the hair like a shampoo but at the same time cares with Ceramide A2 and macadamia oil for moisture, luster and shine. A toning has a shelf life of 4-6 weeks on healthy hair. On bleached, damaged hair, the shelf life is shorter for natural reasons and the treatment may need to be repeated before 4 weeks.