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What is hair colour?

What is the difference between hair color and bleach? It can be difficult to understand the difference and what you need to use to achieve the desired result. It is important to know the difference and that color and bleach do different things. Here you can read the difference between the two.  

Hair colour is an oxidizing pigment that is mixed with hydrogen peroxide (Activator). There is toning or light color that partially fades over time and permanent hair color that fades but not as quickly and therefore remains longer.  

It is important to keep in mind that colour can not brighten colour. Therefore, you can not apply a lighter color from True Colour on a darker colored hair, the pigments in the hair color will be added and a darker result can be created depending on the initial position. There is a scale in hair color that you may have heard from the hairdresser when they say numbers from 1-10. 10 is the brightest blonde and 1 is the darkest, black hair.

To change the tone of your hair from a warm to a cool shade, the color you use needs to be in the same position or darker in scale. For example, if you have a warm shade in position 7, then you can get a cold shade if you add 7.1 or 6.1 so that the pigments can neutralize each other.

If you have uncoloured darker roots than the lengths, it is possible to apply a color from True Colour. Earlier we mentioned that color can not lighten up color but if you have an uncolored outgrowth, color can lighten up to 2 shades to create softer roots. This can be a great option between your hairdresser visits to reduce your costs.

The customer's image, she got rid of her warm tones by toning her hair with equal parts CLEAR and WHITE with Activator 5 Vol. The roots are cold but the middle part of the hair is warm, so by toning the lengths it becomes an even color.

Toner or permanent colour?

Our activator is a hydrogen peroxide used to activate the paint. It opens the hair strands layers differently depending on the strength. Lower strength opens the hair less and higher strength more, at a higher strength therefore more pigment is added to the hair. 

Activator 20 Vol is used to cover gray hairs or dye a permanent colorGray or white hairs lack pigment, therefore a stronger hydrogen peroxide (Activator) is required to add more color and get rid of the gray-white hairs. 

Activator 5 Vol is used to tone the hair with toner,a toner can, for example, create a cold or warm shade on blonde or dark hair that gives shine, luster and life back to the hair. It can also be used on a color that is washed out, sun-bleached or lacks shine to regain color and shine in the hair. 

What is bleach?

To go from a dark color to a light one, you need to bleach your hair. What the bleaching does is pick out your own or the colored pigments, often it requires more than one treatment to go from a dark brown to blonde result. Important to keep in mind is the quality and initial position of the hair, the hair should rest between different rounds of bleaching to not damage the hair more than necessary. If you bleach too often, too hard or leave it on for too long, there is a risk that the hair will fall out.

It is important to keep in mind that after bleaching, the hair is often yellow or orange. This is because bleaching only brightens the hair's own pigments. When you want to go from dark to a lighter result, the underlying pigments appear. From brown to red, from red to orange and from orange to yellow. There should be some yellow pigments left after bleaching as the color adheres more easily to the remaining pigment. After the bleaching is done, the hair is tinted with a toner for the desired result to neutralize the yellow pigments.

After bleach - After toner

In the first picture, the result is after bleaching, the hair still has yellow pigments, which is positive. To neutralize the yellow pigments, a mixture of equal parts 10 and 10.1 with Activator Vol 5 has been applied to achieve an ashy cool blonde shade.