Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of October Stockholm eCommerce

Deliveries and orders

Orders that are received before 12.00 will be sent from us the same day and delivered within 1-3 days if you choose home delivery. Smaller packages are delivered directly to your mailbox. Larger packages are delivered to a nearby postal delivery point. Your package will remain at the delivery point for 14 days from the day package arrived, then it’ll be sent back to October Stockholm. If you have paid your order but not retrieved it, we’ll save it for 3 months.


October Stockholm does not apply the partial delivery if one or more of the goods in your order can not be delivered. Instead, the goods ready for delivery will be sent straight away and the goods that cannot be delivered will be sent separately, with additional shipping cost charge to you as a customer. If your purchase initially exceeded $500, you will not be charged any additional shipping cost.


Home delivery and delivery to postal delivery point is notified by SMS or by mail from the freight company.


If you choose home delivery and your order exceeds $ 500, shipping is free (after contracted discounts). If the price of your order (after contracted discounts) is less than $500, we’ll charge a shipping fee of additional 49 SEK.

Unclaimed packages

The package remains 14 days after arriving at your delivery point. If the package is not collected, we will send an invoice for our shipping and handling costs, currently 150 SEK.

Force majeure

Events such as war, natural disaster, strikes, government decisions, failed deliveries from subcontractors, costly event, and similar events beyond October Stockholm control, which could not reasonably have been foreseen, shall be attributed to force majeure. This means that October Stockholm is released from its obligations to fulfill contractual agreements.

The order and delivery confirmation / delivery note

Once you complete an order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. If you have not received an order confirmation, please check that your email address is correct and notify us via email support@octoberstockholm.com and we will re-send the confirmation.

When goods are shipped from our warehouse, you’ll also get a delivery confirmation to your email address.

Along with your delivery you will receive a delivery note as your receipt.


The return can be done by sending the defective goods back to October Stockholm. Return Address tag is obtained after contact with October Stockholm via email to support@octoberstocholm.com. Refund will be made within 14 days. October Stockholm is not responsible for shipments that are sent back to us from customers.


As a customer you have the right to replace the ordered item within 14 days after you received the goods. The goods must be returned unused and undamaged.

Return Policy

If you want to return an item you have ordered from us, you have full right to make a return within 14 days from the date you received the goods, provided that it is returned undamaged, unmarked and unopened in the original packaging.

If instead you want to send the item back to October Stockholm ecommerce please always contact us by email support@octoberstockholm.com before you return the item. You, the customer, pay any additional shipping fees for returning an item, October Stockholm is not responsible for shipments that are sent back to us from customers.


October Stockholm ensures that each item is examined before it is sent to the customer. Should the product nevertheless still be faulty or defective when it arrives to the customer, October Stockholm takes the responsibility to, free of charge, repair the defect by replacing it with a new product. Customers wishing to assert errors in an order shall as soon as possible after the error was detected contact October Stockholm via email support@octoberstockholm.com

Product returns

In the case of a single product-return (not your total order), shipping and invoice-fees are not refunded.

Allergic reaction

If you have had an allergic reaction to any product you purchased from October Stockholm, please contact us via e-mail support@octoberstockholm.com and we will help you.

Secure payment

Making your payment on October Stockholm E-commerce is safe and easy. You can pay with the card connected to your bank or with a credit card connected to Visa or MasterCard. For more information on payment read below.


Unless otherwise stated, all our prices include VAT and the VAT is accounted for in the order confirmation/receipt.

Product information and images

October Stockholm is committed to provide the most accurate product information possible. However, we recommend that you always double check the product information and the contents of the packaging when you receive your delivery, especially if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any ingredient or substance.

The packaging of our products may vary in appearance. In some cases, a product can be of a different size than the one presented on the picture, thus it is always the written information about the product fill level and size that applies.

Unfortunately we can not guarantee that the colour swatches you see on your screen correspond to reality, since this depends on the colour resolution and quality of your screen and your individual display settings. If you are unsure about any specific product please contact us via e-mail.

Best before date

Most of our products feature a symbol that looks like a can with an open lid, the symbol shows either 6, 12 or 24 months. This indicates the lifetime of the product after opening to ensure product quality.

Please note that the shelf life is also influenced by the product storage and usage. We don’t recommend our products to be stored in a hot temperature or in direct sunlight.

Privacy and age

October Stockholm handles processing of personal data and purchase details in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PUL). Details of your purchases made at October Stockholm are stored and processed in a maximum of 24 months. The purpose of registering data is the data collection and updates to maintain quality customer service; the data is also used as the basis for marketing and customer analysis as well as for customized member offers.

Your social security number is needed to update the address information and is the only guarantee that documents such as reward vouchers will not be provided to the wrong person. The information will not be sold to third parties.

Anyone who does not wish to receive direct advertising and promotions can contact support@octoberstockholm.com at any point and request the “un-subscription”. Your e-mail address is used for order confirmation as well as other information about your order.

Age limit

To be able to purchase from October Stockholm E-commerce you should be at least 18 years old. If you are currently under 18 y.o. we would need to receive a parental permission in order to fulfill your order.

Customer service

You can reach us by e-mail, or fill in our contact form on the website if you have any questions about your order or want advice on a product selection. October Stockholm team also includes trained makeup artists who can help with tips and advise.